2Tilt concept, the UPRIGHT MODE.

A 2Tilt concept Upright Mode is subsidiary but essential to allow the reclined mode to be fully and easily used in an office or work environment.  The full 2Tilt requirements are enumerated and  the importance of an unstable intermediate  range described in   ☛ A FULL SOLUTION→

Upright mode

2T upright modeIntended for only short periods of use, an upright mode, although essential, it’s configuration is relatively unimportant.   The upright remediated systems are preferred, either back-rest with pelvic support or a Forward Tilted Seat (FTS).

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 14.08.28

  • With a FTS, as shown, the torso and head are forward of the backrest which becomes irrelevant.
  • Iliac support is an alternative that can be designed for an upright mode derived from an existing model.
  • If the floor becomes the footrest there is a problem of required chair height between the 2 Uprt modemodes.
  • In these monocoque prototypes the legs can straddle the narrow leg-rest. An office model would require retraction of the leg rest.
  • Change of mode must be quick and easy for convenience and intermediate positions should be unstable as they would simply create the adverse effects of any mid-upright chair.
  • If exercise is comforting, the user can extend back slightly into the unstable mode although this is in the adverse mid-upright position and should not be maintained statically.


Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 14.47.34