An account of the bio-mechanic (ergonomic) factors, associated with prolonged sitting,  accounting for mechanical spinal pathology (Backache, LBP, IVDisc pathology, CTD) and options for their remediation.

An overview of this work

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Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 18.50.05See the SPECIALIST page →  This includes a large body of research and background, on spinal bio-mechanics.  It is subdivided into :-

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 15.59.14 Manufacturers can be reassured that feasibility indicates that existing components can be used , avoiding the expense of retooling, while preserving their brand image.   Prospective manufacturers can be helped to leap ahead of the field,    New ideas can create both threats and opportunities , once both familiarity  and normalcy biases are overcome.  Creative disruption works.

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to architects

For New offices ‘Coolness’ is the word to  excite media interest for both the company and the Architect/Designer.   Most firms aspire to project this cutting edge image.    A 2T chair, or the derived 4M workstation, answers this exactly and in addition reduces LBP and increases productivity by lessened morbidity and stress. ( Also see  ☛ Ergonomics and office stress.→ )

To office managersOffice managers should consult this blog as a resource.   It allows an alternative view to the usual hype, often laughably misguided, from manufacturers,


To remediationBackache & chairs.   A number of systems are described.  Spinal bio-mechanics dictates that prolonged sitting should be performed in a reclined position with frequent change of posture.  For a full remediation  a number of requirements are essential.   To be effective these are detailed in the 2 Tilt (2T) concept.

Science,  and some relevant topics

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