2T Chair Desk interface

The 2T Chair Desk interface becomes largely redundant as desks become a thing of the past with new office workstations.     The future lies with desk-less stations described under the 4M version.    ☛ The deskless office chair→ 

reclined modeIn an office with cheap, ordinary desks a 2T chair may seem inappropriate with problems at the desk/chair interface.   These are easily overcome with a number of design options (not described here).


However, chairs set before desks, even in serried rows, just see the introduction to the BBC news every evening, still persist.   Familiarity bias is strong. So, as in the early days, it is worth returning to considering the desk/ chair interface.

The 2T chair cantilevered from a ‘Delta’ desk.  A solution.

This desk has variable height adjustment and its shape allows greater surface area and occupies
30% less floor space than conventional desks. The transparent shielding enables an environment friendly space to be contained. This can evolve into a pod design concept.   This concept was suggested to me by the late John Jukes.  This design concept has a number of very considerable advantages.

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 00.20.44The chair can rotate to face through 270 ̇ Cabling can be led straight to the chair(telephone, computer, adjustments).
  • The chair occupies no floor space. (zero footprint)
  • Chair height adjustment becomes irrelevant.
  • Improves Office design and social interaction.
  • Adapts to any style of office layout whether formal or informal.
  • Allows the user a personal space and also view of colleagues.
  • Can be arranged in a reverse rosette to give immediate interaction with close colleagues.
  • Can be easily developed into a hub

The Delta shaped desk that Jukes advocated easily accommodates an office 2 Tilt chair and has a number of advantages.   He showed that it occupied  30% less floor space than conventional desk  and provides a greater surface area..

•This desk has variable height adjustment.   The transparent shielding enables an environment friendly space to be contained.and can evolve into a pod design concept.

An 8 desk rosette can be arranged as shown Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 13.02.45


⟶ For hubs, D-desks and layout see 2T IN THE OFFICE.

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